Kohtalon kolmas hetki

1920's nationalist science fiction...

In a future world, set in the 1960's but strangely similar to a steampunk version of the 1910's (airships! duels! evil emperors! damsels in distress!), Finland is overrun by the reborn Russian Empire. A brave Finnish officer goes undercover and succeeds in defeating the Empire with the help of superior Finnish technology - with just a bit of help from the descendant of Genghis Khan and his countless Mongol hordes...

What could have been a great pulp story (with unusually positive roles for Tatars and Mongols) is unfortunately marred by a racist and antisemitic subplot. Karimo didn't want to depict the Russians as noble and worthy enemies. Instead, he pre-echoed the Nazi argument that Russians were a slave race, led by evil Jewish leaders, destined to be destroyed.

Still, it's a unique piece of work, one of the sources that inspired me to draw Goldenbird.

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