Brinkley Girls & Doggies

Nell Brinkley was an outstanding cartoonist of the 1910's and 1920's, finally gaining recognition (above all, thanks to the work of comics scholar Trina Robbins) for her "Brinkley girls", sparklingly cheerful and active flappers that looked pretty but acted courageously and independently in Brinkley's stunning one-page compositions and serial adventure stories.

I was leafing through Trina Robbins' edited collection The Brinkley Girls and discovered an obsession with dogs of all sizes, temperaments and breeds...

Miss Prudence Prim, in spite of her name, is a great flirt, but her doggy gets to kiss the handsome gentleman this time.

During the First World War, "Golden-Eyes" couldn't stay away from blood-curdling adventures in No-Man's-Land, always with her brave collie Uncle Sam by her side. Note how Nell Brinkely's persistently pretty style renders even the terrible and spiky-helmeted Hun hunky.

"Golden-Eyes" and Uncle Sam - her lover Billy is seen in the portrait, but look who gets the cuddles.

In "The Fortunes of Flossie", a seemingly silly flapper gets her future told by various Gypsies and sideshow shamans, but somehow the predictions always come true. The jealous Billy overhears how Flossie is promised a kiss by a stranger...

More baby dogs!

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